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Shrey & Devika met in 2007, and always loved clicking each other, travelling to different places and taking pictures which tells a story.


In 2010, Shrey's love for telling stories through his photos got him to take photography up as a profession. And started his page Shrey Chohan PianoGraphy. In 2011, Devika also joined as a creative director with planning the shoots and taking care of cinematography.

Today, we have a team of dedicated photographers, cinematographers and editors, with a same vision of artistically creating moments special. 

A fact, which is known to a lot of people, Shrey is a musician as well, and have been playing a lot of instruments. So you never know, he can surprise you with his music too.


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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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Studio 1 - Kalkaji Office

Studio 2 - Satya Niketan Office

Shrey & Devika

+91 9911494737

+91 9891395665

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